Exercise 4: Rain

For this exercise we had to imagine a magazine cover on one subject: rain. The aim was to produce one single, strong, attractive photograph that leaves no-one in doubt about the subject.
We have the whole cover space in which to place the image, which should be attractive, and preferably original.

This was not an ideal time to carry out the exercise – temperatures have reached the highest for the year, and skies are clear blue. Deciding against waiting for a downpour, I’ve instead used an image which suggests rain, which becomes stronger with the associated text.

My initial thoughts always visualised scenes looking out at the rain, but this seemed to place the focus on other elements, with the rain becoming secondary to the image.
By considering other viewpoints and focal distances, the concept of producing an image with a much narrower focus evolved.

Having researched magazine layout styles and how images were incorporated, I wanted the final look to have fairly clean edges which would act as the backdrop to supporting text.
Placement of the finished image was therefore crucial if the cover was going to look balanced, and have impact.

The image was produced by using a paint tray filled with water. Two coloured gels were used to reflect the required colour. A water dropper was placed above the tray, which was followed by trial and error to achieve the desired effect.

The final image was then positioned with enough room for the main body of text, and a clear area of colour at both header and footer sections for the remaining text.
I’ve tried to include just enough text to balance the image, but have stopped short of creating any more due to limited illustrator software. I felt more text would start to turn the cover into ‘a dog’s breakfast’, to quote a quaint turn of phrase.

The final result is shown below;


Although I’m pleased with the cover image, the font style could still benefit from a re-visit, but general placement and balance seem to work well.
The aim was to produce one single, strong, attractive photograph that leaves no-one in doubt about the subject, which I feel has been achieved in conjunction with the text.



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